What’s Besafe rate?

Besafe Rate is the NON REFUNDABLE rate for your Hotel and REFUNDABLE for your Guest.


Your Hotel will enjoy benefits such as: an increase in Prepaid reservations, less last-minute cancellations, boost of disintermediation from OTAs and guaranteed collection.

The guest and their loved ones will be protected by an indestructible armour, to use before or during their stay in case the need arises, except that this time it won’t be at your lodging’s cost.

Besafe Rate will be available ONLY on your official website and will enrich the services offered by your Hotel.

The Reservation with Besafe Rate for your guests, will safeguard both your hotel, utterly eliminating the issues caused by the Non Refundable rate, as well as your guests who will enjoy the benefits included: a fully-comprehensive travel insurance, a wide range of coverage accessories, complete legal assistance both in case of damages caused by third parties

as well as assistance in obtaining due refunds and compensation in case of delay or cancellation of the flight and much more.

In short, "A Revolutionary Rate"
With Besafe Rate, the guest’s reservation data is sufficient to activate the insurance coverage. This is the innovative feature of the rate available exclusively on our sales channel.

Your tourism accommodation will offer a complete and innovative product that will eliminate the cumbersome management of refunds in favor of guests impatient to be reimbursed: the insurance handles it. Besafe Rate will reduce the risk of loss lodgings suffer from, by guaranteeing an increase in prepayments.

We are confident that the inclusion of Besafe Rate on hotels’ official websites will lead to a certain growth in profits, towards a strong identification of our website and rateplans and will guarantee a safe and successful way of living the sense of travel.



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