Meet the Besafe Rate Team

The team is is cohesive, resolute, with great spirit of enterprise.

The idea of Be Safe Group was born from a vision for the tourism sector subject to increasing uncertainty: our mission is the creation of an innovative hotel rate to protect hoteliers from issues caused by Non-Refundable rates, but not at the expense of the guests.

Creativity and focus on innovation are two features that distinguish us.

alessandro bartolucci CEO besafe rate

Alessandro Bartolucci


Hotelier since 2006, in love with the profession and the world of hospitality. He has placed innovation at the centre of the business objectives, creating Besafe Rate with the ambition of finding a single solution to the issues caused by the non-refundable rate – one that satisfies both hoteliers and guests.

Alessandro Tomassini


Passionate about travelling since he was young, from the first work experience in catering, in 2011 he began his career as a hotelier, focusing on the innovation and development of the accommodation structures he managed in the heart of Rome.

Francesco Brusco


President of FenImprese, accredited as a consultant by the Camera di Commercio Italiana in the United Arab Emirates since 2015, he assists Italian entities in the UAE and has held and continues to hold important positions in multiple corporations and publicly owned entities.

Riccardo Cocco


Riccardo Cocco, has been working, living and breathing Hospitality in the last 25 years.

He is a revenue management expert, university professor, hotel manager and consultant.

He works and has worked in numerous important hotels and chains, has taught at major Italian and foreign universities and is the author of numerous publications.

Massimiliano Piergentili


With 20 years of experience in the tourism and hospitality sector, he has concentrated his professionality in the sales department by specializing in Revenue and online distribution, defining and implementing Web Marketing strategies for accommodation structures in Rome.

Siria Scandellari


With an international training and mindset, travel has always been the heart of her private and professional lives. Passionate about hôtellerie from the first work experience when she was young, she has developed a client-oriented approach to guarantee the traveller’s maximum satisfaction.

Paolo Piccini


Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of market dynamics and years of experience in the hospitality sector, he will play a role of primary importance in the ranks of our company.

With many years of experience and an approach geared towards satisfying customers’ Paolo will assist accommodation facilities in the development of ad hoc sales strategies, supporting affiliates in structuring the Rate Plan.

team besafe