What are the advantages?

Why should I request for my hotel to be affiliated to BeSafe Rate?

Guaranteed collection
Guaranteed collection in advance and secure. Reservations with certain earnings. Zero stress.
Easy usage
No external procedure for the guest, no extra costs, no flags. Everything happens on the own website.
No more loss caused by appeals
Zero losses due to appeals by the guests who couldn’t stay. No more contingencies on the interbank circuits
Increase of disintermediation
Boost of direct sales from the official website, less commissions paid to the OTA (eg. Booking.com
No more complaints to manage
Eliminate time wasted on managing complaints from guests impatient to be refunded or to modify the dates of check-in. We will handle everything.
Brand Reputation
Increase of Brand Reputation, thanks to the extra services provided to the guest.
Sell Rooms in Advance
Thanks to the total stay payment formula of BeSafe Rate, the certainty of not losing the money in case of an unexpected event is offered to the guest, encouraging them to book many months in advance therefore providing the hotelier with the opportunity of increasing revenue power.
I vantaggi per la struttura

Your accommodation structure will offer a complete and innovative product which will eliminate the cumbersome management of requests for refunds by a clientele impatient to be refunded: the insurance company will take care of this aspect.